Dj Soul T nuts

Looking real sexy!

Looking Real Sexy

New Lofi track

Fresh new down tempo beat uploaded to Soundcloud.

Hit the big ole play button now!!

Computer game Jam Session.

I decided to pack a tune with old skool, 90s, computer game samples.
Came out all right.

Lil Music video

“Chillin” on Youtube.

Ableton Push live jam.

Still sounding pretty messy, but still a fun track to mess about with.

Two Toons – New tune!

New Funky House track on the Soundcloud.

Interference – New House Track.

New House track on SoundCloud.

Deepest EP out now.

Check out the new DEEPEST EP from Stomp House records.
Original tunes from Takashi Kurosawa, Ken Nishimura, and Remixes from Soul T Nuts and Richard alan.

Available now on Beatport.

New Lofi beat – Kids play.

Check out this new Lofi beat on Soundcloud.
Video coming soon.

Jackin Jazz – New Tune!

Super funky jazz chords and a phat bass line.

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