Dj Soul T nuts

Dj Mix on Youtube.

Here is the first, of what I hope to be, many Live Dj recordings available for streaming on various platforms.

Funky Deep house.

Recorded live at Legato, Shibuya.

A collection of deep House tunes played at Legato, 15 December 2018.

Deep House Dj Mix.

116bpm high in calories and Fat.

New Dj Mix – Echo

Chunky Deep House Trax squeezed into 60 minutes.

Hit the big ole play button!

Funky new Dj mix.

Some chunky choons super glued together for this dope Dj mix.

Deep House mix recorded live at Public Red, Tokyo.

I managed to plug a laptop into the Dj mixer at Public red and record the evenings set.


New Dj mix.

Funky bit of House music recorded live at Tokyo Six in Roppongi.

Tasty new Dj Mix.

A collection of some old and new dirty tracks.

Take a listen yo!

Pop, Drop and Lock – Dj Mix.

Hit Play,Crank the volume, Pop , Drop and Lock.

Kiss Dance Records Podcast.

Here is a 90 minute mix of some recently purchased House tunes, put together for the Kiss Dance Records Podcast.
The mix is started off with the Soul t Nuts remix of Al Greens Love and Happiness.

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