Dj Soul T nuts

Italo Brutalo

A sweet look around Ialo Bruto`s studio.

Night Mares on Wax

An ole Skool interview with DJ E.A.S.E. aka Night mares on wax.

J Dilla the Legend.

They should teach this shit in the Schools!

Live set – Flapjackers.

Super funky shizzle from the FlapJackers.

Dj Doc Martin

Dope live set from the man himself, Doc Martin.

How I play – Carl Cox

Carl Cox gives us an insight into his live work flow.

Homeless in the Forest.

I recently made a movie.
From the script, to location hunting. Rehearsing to Shooting and Directing.
The editing work and the audio that went with it.
A fun project that has me itching to do more.

The Track: Kissy Sell Out on creating Nasty

Field Recordings.

For those who read this blog on a daily basis, you’ll remember a previous post discussing my small hobby of field recordings.
I carry a field recorder with me where ever I go, you never know when you might hear something worth sampling.
I upload all my recordings to a web site called Freesound so that others may use my recordings.

I sometimes get interesting messages on Freesound from people whove used one of my recordings in their productions.

The latest message I recived was from a Youtube creator who made a movie about Norway.
I made some recordings of running water, wich seemed to be useful for the edit of the movie below.

Civil War Battle for Supremacy Quarter Finals: Wallzee vs Apollo Blaq

Civil War Battle for Supremacy Quarter Finals: Wallzee vs Apollo Blaq

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