Dj Soul T nuts

Fruity drum machine.

Gotta love the invention on this.
Wonder if the beats sound sick when the fruit goes off?

How Larry Heard made House music “Deep”.

Sweet little documentary from Resident Advisor.

Beyond the Turntable.

How has tech changed Djing?

Should Music Producers learn Music Theory?

Interesting Debate.

I sleep where you dance.

Pretty cool article on what has happend to the buildings that house some of the most legendary Clubbing nights on the planet, places I got to party and Dj at.

I Sleep Where You Danced: What Happens to Nightclubs After They Close Down?

Turnmills in Farringdon, The End on Tottenham Court Road, Shelly’s in Stoke, The Quad in Bootle: clubs like these paved the way for British nightlife, yet today they’ve all been demolished, left to rot or rebuilt to make way for high-rise flats and offices. There is always sadness when a club closes.

Deepest EP Soul T Nuts remix

Lil youtube promo video.

Kids Play – Music video

Cut some footage from Zozji Temple in Tokyo and tried to sync it with this Lofi beat.


Soul T nuts – Jackin Sax on youtube.

Remix time!

I was recently asked to remix a tune for Stomp house reords and a Japanese producer called Takashi Kurosawa.
The tune is pretty deep, so i thought Id give it a funky spin on things, turned out nicely.

Take a listen to the Un-Mastered version.

Lofly in Narimasu

Gonna be pumping out the Lofi tunes in a hope to get better at the genre and so I have a good armour of background music for future vids.

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