Dj Soul T nuts

Theta TV and live streaming

From the beginning of June we will be streaming almost everyday on the Theta TV platform.

Theta TV allows streamers and viewers to earn crypto currency, or Tfuel, whilst streaming to from the site.

Tune in for funky freshness!

Episode 10 , Twitch TV.

Dont forget to check us out daily on Twitch Tv.

Twitch TV

The Soul T Nuts show is moving to Twitch TV.

Join us every day for at least one hour of Fat house beats, streaming live from Tokyo. Join us 6am Tokyo time, 9pm London time, 4pm New york time and 1pm PST. Grab a coffee and join us in the chat room.

Happy New year 2021

Live Jam Sesh.

Electric Mosquito

A recently walked past the Gundam in Odaiba, so I thought it would be sweet footage to put to a recent tune I finished.

New Video Dj mix.

Recorded Youtube live stream

Heres a recording of a live stream I did a few nights ago.

Proper Deep stuff.

Voodoo Organ

Used my new Loopmasters bass master to mix this up.

Now on Bandcamp.

I recently joined Bandcamp in a move to try and take more control over my music releases. Ill be uploading most of my catalogue from the last ten years. Please feel free to join me as a fan and stay in touch with future releases which will be available to purchase at a reasonable rate.This will allow me to cut out the middle men, ie Labels, Distributors and MP3 stores that literately steal off the back of music producers.

This tune is now over 10 years old, but still pretty good!

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