Dj Soul T nuts

Deepest EP Soul T Nuts remix

Lil youtube promo video.

Kids Play – Music video

Cut some footage from Zozji Temple in Tokyo and tried to sync it with this Lofi beat.


Soul T nuts – Jackin Sax on youtube.

Remix time!

I was recently asked to remix a tune for Stomp house reords and a Japanese producer called Takashi Kurosawa.
The tune is pretty deep, so i thought Id give it a funky spin on things, turned out nicely.

Take a listen to the Un-Mastered version.

Lofly in Narimasu

Gonna be pumping out the Lofi tunes in a hope to get better at the genre and so I have a good armour of background music for future vids.

google alerts and Music Placements.

An interesting Idea on how to get music placements using Google Alerts, Ill give it a try and update if i have any success.

MIDI on the SP404.

A great tutorial on how to use a MIDI sequencer to jam on the Roland SP404sx.

Italo Brutalo

A sweet look around Ialo Bruto`s studio.

Night Mares on Wax

An ole Skool interview with DJ E.A.S.E. aka Night mares on wax.

J Dilla the Legend.

They should teach this shit in the Schools!

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