Dj Soul T nuts

New tune on Youtube.

I got some video footage off youtube using the sample from Hal 9000.

Im sorry Dave, Im afraid I cant do that.

Lofi Sampling.

Im bookmarking this excellent sampling tutorial here.

Ableton arrangement recording.

I recently recorded this quick arrangement in Ableton.
The tune still needs to be mixed down, but it gives you a good idea how to arrange using Ableton Push.

A History of Sampling.

An interesting little History lesson.

Ableton Push live jam.

Still sounding pretty messy, but still a fun track to mess about with.

Dj Mix on Youtube.

Here is the first, of what I hope to be, many Live Dj recordings available for streaming on various platforms.

Funky Deep house.

Ableton jam session.

Ive been messing around with video recordings recently.
Its taken a bit of time to get everything working smoothly but I think were ready to go.

Expect loads more video content in the near future.

Here was my first recording, Njoy!

LoFi Tutorial

Thanks to Nobody famous for this excellent lil tutorial that I wanted to book mark here on the blog.

A great run down of how to set up a 90s style hip hop beat in under 20 minutes.

Chicago`s new Train station will have a Dj booth.

Party Commute!

Chicago’s New Train Station Will Have DJs ON SITE

Chicago’s Red Line 95th Street Station has just completed a $280 million overhaul. As a finishing touch on the new bus and train station, acclaimed artist Theaster Gates has unveiled multiple public art pieces, including tapestries made out of decommissioned fire hoses and a “first of its kind” performance space and radio station inside the terminal itself.

Fruity drum machine.

Gotta love the invention on this.
Wonder if the beats sound sick when the fruit goes off?

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