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Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

You will notice all mixes posted on this site are no longer playable or available for download, they have been pulled by the web site official.FM who stored them on their servers, because apparently making Dj mixes is illegal.

So, massive apologies for the lack of Dj mixes recently, there is currently a rumble on the internet about whether or not posting
Dj mixes is piracy of other peoples music, Record labels seem more more concerned with lining theyre own pockets than they are with the free promotion of theyre artists music, this has made it difficult to find a new web site to host Dj mixes.

This matter should be taken care of within the next few weeks, there is a back log of new music waiting to be mixed up, so check back soon for updates.

You can now find Soul T nuts on Twitter , the account is called “tune4theday” and serves to do exactly that, deliver a priceless tune from the vaults of time, so if your a Twitter resident, don’t forget to add us.

Until then, you can catch the Soul T nuts show live every Saturday on MyHouseYourHouse radio, check the web site for times in your area.
Until then, C-ya.

soulTnuts live on myhouseyourhouse

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